Weiwei Group celebrates "May Day" to commend advanced

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In order to encourage employees to strive for the advanced, carry forward the spirit of ownership, and form a good atmosphere of "everyone strive for the advanced"! On April 29, 2023, Anhui Weiwei Group 2023 annual "May 1" commendation conference kicked off in the magnificent national song, attended by the town government executive deputy mayor Wang Shenglong, Director of the economic development Office Xu Xinxin, company chairman Li Binshang, general manager Li Jun, the deputy general manager and various departments, branches, research institutes and workshop frontline employees.

Weiwei Group celebrates  

At the meeting, the heads of various functional departments of the company first reported the annual summary and plan respectively. Subsequently, the focus of the five levels of "star employees", "advanced producers" and other grand commendation, the honored star employees and advanced producer personal representatives made typical speeches.

Weiwei Group celebrates  

General manager Li Jun made a key speech at the meeting, in recent years, the company is affected by the domestic environment, although the market is not too good, but the company has developed new high-end products, the new modern workshop has been put into operation, hope that all employees based on their own, hard work, pay attention to product quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency, play a good enterprise transformation and upgrading battle, In order to shape the "high-end" brand, produce "high-end" products, create "efficient" micro, to achieve the sustainable development of the company!

Finally, in his speech, the executive deputy mayor of the town government made a high degree of affirmation of Wei Wei's contribution to Fangang Town over the years, and encouraged everyone to continue to explore and innovate, deepen the cooperation between industry, university and research, do a good job of leading the way, and make new contributions to the economic development, social stability and people's happiness of Fangang Town!