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Brand culture

Business vision:Create micro brand, build a hundred years enterprise

Operation Principle:Focus on innovation, professional manufacturing

Enterprise Objective:All cars have "Micro" brand products

Corporate Responsibility:Integrity, Responsibility, Green, Harmony

Entering Weiwei Group

Anhui Weiwei Rubber Parts Group Co., LTD. (referred to as "Anhui Weiwei Group") was founded in 1990, is located in the historical and cultural city of Tongcheng, is a national high-tech enterprise, national specialized special new small giant enterprise, Anhui Province technology innovation demonstration enterprise, Anhui Province industry, university and research joint demonstration enterprise. The company registered trademark "Weiwei" trademark is a well-known trademark in China, "Weiwei" brand products are famous brand products in Anhui Province.

The company covers an area of 66,000 square meters, construction area of 81,000 square meters; The existing staff of more than 260 people, including all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 80 people, is a professional design, research and development, production, management of rubber and plastic shock and noise reduction products of science and technology enterprises. The total assets of the company are 140 million yuan, and the registered capital is 51.28 million yuan. The main business income of the company is 170 million yuan, and the profit is 22 million yuan. Has a variety of advanced production, testing equipment more than 280 sets

(Set). Mainly engaged in rubber products, plastic products, environmental protection products production, sales and technology research and development and service; Automobile (engineering vehicle) and parts sales; Mold manufacturing and sales; Manufacture and sales of vibration and noise reduction equipment; Design and construction of shock and noise reduction engineering; Noise, vibration control technology research and development, training and consulting services, annual production capacity of 20 million units (sets).

In 2022, the company reinvested 80 million yuan, added 50 mu of land, purchased more than 50 sets of special rubber forming machines and advanced testing and testing equipment, anda set of electrophoretic paint production line; Construction began in January 2022 and has now been completed and officially put into production.

The company has mold manufacturing, hose products, plastic products, stamping products and other 11 subsidiaries (sub-) companies, with a provincial shock and noise reduction technology research institute. It is a member of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and China Rubber Industry Association. Established and implemented the ISO/TS16949 automotive industry quality system in 2004, established and implemented the ISO14001:2004 system and OHSAS18001:2007 system in 2013. The company and Hefei University of Technology jointly established the "Anhui Weiwei Group Hefei University of Technology Vibration and noise reduction Research Center", and Chongqing University jointly established the "Anhui Weiwei Rubber Parts Group Company Chongqing University Optoelectronic Engineering Intelligent materials Research Center", and Beijing University of Chemical Technology jointly established the "Anhui Weiwei Group Beijing University of Chemical Technology Rubber and Plastic New materials joint research Center", Establish strategic cooperative relationship with Engineering Research Center of Guangzhou University. It has successively established the provincial certified enterprise Technology Center, Anhui Automotive Shock absorbing rubber engineering Technology Research Center, provincial postdoctoral research workstation and skill master studio.

With the continuous development of our company's technological innovation in recent years, the number of invention patents continues to increase. As of the beginning of this year, the company has successfully held 27 invention patents (and more than 50 utility model patents). He has participated in the drafting of 8 national standards and 1 group standard, and the above standards have been published and implemented. This is my company for many years to attach importance to technological innovation, innovation as an important work of the enterprise reflected! It is also the embodiment of the technical strength of national high-tech enterprises! It is hoped that more technical personnel will participate in the invention and creation, and the results will be protected in the form of patents, so as to enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise!

ten thousandM² cover an area

Billion Total assets reached

10000 units (sets) Annual production capacity

organizational Structure  |  organizational structure


Technical Strength  |  Technical strength

Mold manufacturing

Striving for excellence, only fast and unbreakable

We have advanced mold design and manufacturing technology to meet the needs of customers for rapid mold processing and sample provision.

◎ Mold and tooling design technology

The mold and tooling design room adopts PROE and Cimatron systems to carry out product mold modeling, scheduling, and other work, achieving integrated data integration between computers and machining centers. Capable of collaborating with customers to develop new products in the early stages, able to develop new products promptly and quickly according to customer requirements。

◎ Mold Manufacturing Branch

Using CNC machine tools to process and maintain molds, in order to meet the customer's requirements for rapid processing of molds and quick provision of samples。

Computer Aided Design
High precision and high-performance CNC machining centers
Processing center workshop
Electric pulse machine tool


System construction helps companies share management resources, collaborate work, standardize management, and operate smoothly

Draft national standard certificate

I have participated in the drafting of 8 national standards and 1 group standard, and all standards have been published and implemented. This is an important achievement of our company's emphasis on technological innovation over the years

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Qualifications And Honors  |  Qualifications and honors
Development History  |  development history
  • 1990
    Company establishment
    It was founded in 1990
    A famous historical and cultural city in China
    Tongcheng City, Anqing City, Anhui Province
  • Establish an industry system
    Establish and implement ISO/TS16949
    Automotive industry quality system
  • 2007
    Institute was established jointly with Hefei University of Technology to establish "Hefei University of Technology Anhui Weiwei Rubber Parts Company Automotive rubber Parts Research Institute"
  • The diversified development of the group has established "Tongcheng Weiwei Plastic Products Co., LTD." and "Tongcheng Weiwei Mold Manufacturing Co., LTD."
  • 2012
    Cooperation with colleges and universities in cooperation with University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei University of Technology, Jilin University, Chongqing University and other universities, in new fields, new technology, new materials in many aspects of cooperation research and development, and put into production
  • Establishment of research institute
    The establishment of Anhui Weiwei Vibration and Noise Reduction Technology Research Institute has taken new steps to further promote industry-university-research cooperation and enhance product scientific and technological innovation capabilities and levels
  • 2018
    Academician workstation establishment
    The establishment of Anhui academician workstation, strengthen the company in smart materials and its application, so that the research and industrialization of smart materials, as soon as possible to take root and bear fruit
  • Enter the military industry
    The establishment and implementation of the military three certificate system, the group company business began to involve in the military industry
  • 2022
    Commissioning of new plant
    Reinvested 80 million yuan, added 50 acres of land, purchased more than 50 sets of special rubber forming machines and advanced testing and testing equipment, and a set of electrophoretic paint production line