Tongcheng: Talent strategy landing development add "wisdom" and "ability"

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The picture shows Li Zhiyuan (left), president of Anhui Weiwei Vibration and Noise Reduction Technology Research Institute, guiding the development of new products.

"After I retired in 2014, I ate and lived in the company and returned to Hefei on weekends. The environment here is suitable for me to do research, they value technological innovation, and there are supportive policies, so I feel very comfortable working here." Li Zhiyuan, president of Anhui Weiwei Vibration and Noise Reduction Technology Research Institute, is a retired professor and doctoral supervisor of Hefei University of Technology. The high-damping composite sound insulation board product technology developed by Professor Li's team has reached the domestic leading level, filled the gap in Anhui Province, and won the second prize of National environmental Technology Progress and the third prize of scientific and technological achievements in Anhui Province. The high damping composite sound insulation board has wide application range and broad market prospect, and has brought considerable economic benefits to Weiwei Group.

The technology in colleges and universities is out of the laboratory and transformed into products in the factory workshop, which has obtained unprecedented vitality and greatly stimulated productivity. Anhui Weiwei Group academician workstation is one of the two provincial academician workstations in Tongcheng City, and the 2020 annual performance evaluation won the excellent title. Anhui Weiwei Vibration and Noise Reduction Technology Research Institute is the first provincial new research and development institution granted by Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Department. In recent years, Tongcheng actively implements the talent strategy, and raises the talent introduction from "enterprise behavior" to "municipal strategy". Up to now, in addition to 2 academician workstations, there are 4 provincial science and technology special commissioner workstations, 20 skill master studios, 54 provincial innovation (service) platforms, 3 provincial new research and development institutions, and 5 postdoctoral workstations, introducing all kinds of experts (teams) more than 40 people, providing talent support for the high-quality development of Tongcheng.


The picture shows agricultural experts checking the seedling situation in the experimental field.

Talent is the first support for county economic development. In order to smooth the introduction and cultivation of talent channels, Tongcheng issued the "Tongcheng high-level talent classification Measures", the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee led the implementation of the "Wendu Talent project", introduced the "Wendu talent" New Deal 20 articles, the municipal government set up 30 million yuan talent award special funds, invested 750,000 yuan to build a "smart talent" system, and promoted the cultivation of talent and wisdom. To create a talent gathering highland.

Talent New Deal has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of enterprises to absorb talents and find talents. "I joined Zhongding Huitong Company in July this year, the reason why I chose Zhongding Huitong, one is high treatment, the second is a good development platform." Li Zhuwen, a native of Chongqing, is a master's student at Southwest Jiaotong University with 10 years of experience. In July, he moved to Zhongding Huitong. Zhongding Huitong company is Tongcheng investment project, just established at the beginning of this year, by the Zhongding Group and Tongcheng local enterprises, the country's first specialized special "small giant" enterprise - Huitong company jointly invested 600 million yuan to develop intelligent, lightweight car chassis project, the two sides hand in hand, can be said to be a strong union, help achieve the effect of "1+1 > 2".

Enterprises also attach great importance to job selection, and strive to cultivate "double innovation" leaders. Tongcheng private economy developed, the formation of green packaging, intelligent manufacturing and other advantages of the industry, up to now, Tongcheng cultivate provincial war new industry leaders 19 people, Xia Jiguo, Hu Xigang was called "China's down industry country craftsmen", Xu Yingquan, Jiang Chuanbao among the "Province manufacturing 50 outstanding entrepreneurs" ranks.

The development of Weiwei Group from a small workshop to a national high-tech enterprise relies on talents. The group adheres to the concept of "not owning, but seeking use", in accordance with the principle of "no barriers, no identity, freedom to come and go", the flexible introduction of 17 high-level talents, positions to cultivate more than 30 high school level talents. The vibration reduction components developed and produced by the company rank among the top three in the same industry in China. The postdoctoral research workstation of Tongcheng Rice Research Institute in Anhui Province was established in July this year, and Sun Lianping, the first postdoctoral researcher to enter the station, wrote the paper on the earth, providing a more powerful technical guarantee for promoting the research of rice breeding and cultivation technology in Tongcheng City, ensuring food production security, and promoting rural revitalization.


The picture shows a corner of the national modern agricultural industrial technology system test base in Tongcheng.

In order to promote the early landing and early effect of talent policy, Tongcheng has set up special Windows, special lines and private networks for talent service, gathered local and foreign talent resources, drawn Tongcheng experts and scholars "contact map", and built a comprehensive service platform integrating talent service management, talent review and identification, and talent policy application and issuance. According to Ni Haixia, director of the Talent Office of Tongcheng Municipal Committee, during the trial operation of the system, 13,000 people have been included in the "six categories" of talent resources, 145 people have been identified as high-level talents online, 53 people have been successfully bound to high-level talent service cards, and 73 batches of talent policy have been accepted. Realize talent identification "one station entrance", talent service "one code supply", talent policy "one click cash". (Wang Guiyun and Cao Shan)

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